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Check the Oil! magazine

dot_clear.gifIf you like gas station & oil company nostalgia from the golden era of the automobile, you'll love "Check the Oil!" Magazine. Now in its second decade, "Check the Oil!" features articles of wide ranging petroliana interest, such as histories of the oil companies; memorabilia and artifacts associated with them; reader's collections; a calendar and coverage of current events of petroliana interest; related commercial advertising; a subscriber's FREE classified section where one can buy, sell and trade collectible items; and much more. See the front cover and the back cover for Jan. 2004 below.

dot_clear.gifRates: 2nd class mail___1 yr @ $24.00, ___2 yr @ $45.00, 1st class mail___1 yr @ $36, Canada & Mexico airmail in envelope ___1 yr @ $43, ___2 yr @ $57, Overseas airmail in envelope___1 yr @ $43, All rates U.S. funds. Sample issue $2.00 in the U.S. Sample issue outside the U.S. $7.00.

Recommended and referred by Ron Rogers - Ohio. www.gaspumpguys.com

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dot_clear.gif"Check the Oil!" readers are an international group of enthusiasts and collectors of the memorabilia and history of the petroleum industry. They collect just about anything associated with the oil and gas business of days-gone-by. Some have even painstakingly restored old filling stations.

For subscription orders, print this page and fax or mail to: "Check the Oil!" PO Box 20155, Winston, Salem, NC 27120-0155, USA

Jerry Keyser, Publisher, "CTO!" magazine. Fax (614) 436-4760

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"Check the Oil" name and images are copyright trademarks of Three Fifty Six, Inc.

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